About This Site


This site is mostly static HTML—I use PHP in places for some things—and built using Jekyll plus all the stylesheets are written in SASS because to heck with writing vanilla CSS.

I do my best to have this site meet the latest web standards and if it looks broken or weird, you’re likely using an old, out-dated web browser that doesn’t support them (or that I don't care to support).

I don't want to pay some company to run all the hosting software, so I'm "self-hosting" this site on a very minimal Digital Ocean* droplet running Ubuntu server.

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For general text throughout the site I've chosen Soleil designed by Wolfgang Homola from TypeTogether.


The secondary font is PT Serif designed by Alexandra Korolkova, Olga Umpeleva, and Vladimir Yefimov from ParaType.


For a fixed-width font, I've chosen Courier Prime designed by Alan Dague-Greene from Quote-Unquote Fonts.