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Linux Themes & Third-Party Icons

Published on 26 Nov 2017

I’ve gotten this question several times since I started developing the Suru icon set: “why aren’t you including third-party application icons?”

I’m of the position that if you are a software vendor, you should not infringe on the brands of third-party software that may be installed on your platform for the simple reason that the developers of that software deserve to have their brands respected (regardless of whether or not it is open source).

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Icons by Me

Published on 20 Feb 2017

Time for some self-promotion! I bought the domain some time ago to eventually create a site to showcase some of the icon design work I’ve done –I finally got around to doing just that, do check it out:

Icons by Sam

10 Things To Do After Installing Linux

Published on 28 Sep 2016

Welcome to Linux!

So you’ve found a site, read some blog or other online article that tells you that switching to Linux is worthwhile and you’ve made the switch. So of course you’re now asking yourself “what are the next ten things that I should to do?” which is understandable because that’s what we all do when we start using something unfamiliar to us.

Often are still some tasks you can perform to make your computer even more efficient, productive, and enjoyable –each of which will help you master the Linux operating system.

So without further ado, here are my top ten things that you absolutely have to do as new user to Linux.

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Extending the Ubuntu Icon Spec.

Published on 29 Apr 2016

So you have a new Ubuntu application, you’ve built it in QML with the Ubuntu SDK and now you’re going to give your app a brand shiny new icon? But you go and visit the official documentation and you go “where do I start? How do I make an icon?” Well, you’re kind of out of luck.

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Lenovo ThinkPad T460s Review

Published on 25 Apr 2016

To replace my aging and broken ThinkPad E Series (the cheaper and plastic-er ThinkPad), getting the latest and greatest in ThinkPad was decidedly the best course to go. After much deliberation, the T460s was my choice. So after a couple weeks with it, here is my review.

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