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Taking the "User" out of Design

Posted on 20 Feb 2019

As a designer, I’ve never been totally comfortable with referring to people as “users”. I find the term unethical as it minimizes the idea that people have any individuality or sense of agency, and I believe the term is obsolete as it is rooted in a past when the connection between a person using a computer and the computer itself was clear, which is no longer the case in the modern age.

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Basic Linux Virtualization with KVM

Posted on 16 Feb 2019

By no measure, am I an expert on all the ins and outs of virtualization, hell, before I started looking into this stuff a “hypervisor” to me was just a really cool visor.

Geordi La Forge

But after a reading a bunch of documentation, blog posts and StackExchange entries, I think I have enough of a basic understanding—or at least I have learnt enough to get it to work for my limited use case—to write some instructions.

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Moving Beyond Themes

Posted on 05 Aug 2018
It should go without saying that these are my own opinions.

Over the years FreeDesktop platforms have come a long way in terms of usability and as we strive to make them better platforms for application developers, I think it’s time to shed one more shackle that slows that down: themes.

Now, coming from me that view may be a surprise (because of all those themes that I call personal projects) but I do feel it’s necessary mainly because the level of visual customisation that is being done at the distribution level has led to widespread visual fragmentation which impacts both user- and developer-friendliness.

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Adorbs for Telegram!

Posted on 27 Jul 2018

Adorbs was a sticker pack for iMessage that I used to maintain, but I let my Apple developer account lapse (too expensive for just stickers), so I made them into a Telegram sticker pack!

Stickers are just glorified icons right??

Adorbs for Telegram

Download for Telegram

Joining the GNOME Foundation

Posted on 25 Jul 2018

I have some personal news! I’d like to let everyone know that I’m one of the newest members of the GNOME Foundation! So thanks to the Foundation committee and to GNOME for having me, it’s very exciting to be recognized for my contributions to the GNOME Project.

GNOME Foundation Balloon

While I have been an on-and-off design contributor over the past few years, I’d thought I’d apply for membership (and a few of m’colleages around GNOME thought I ought to) as I’ve been looking to increasing my involvement in the GNOME community.

So I look forward to contributing more to the growth of the GNOME platform!