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Posted on 04 May 2015 by Sam Hewitt

In my continuing effort to increase Linux adoption, I’ve created: “Compute Freely”.

A website that I intend to be a friendly jumping in point for people completely new to the concept of Free and Open Source operating systems and Linux distributions but otherwise have some curiousity about them.

Compute Freely Logo

Friendly & No Jargon

Unlike some sites, Compute Freely does away with a lot of the technical jargon and pageranking to determine “popularity”. Instead it presents some basic info about using Linux and provides a curated list of distributions that may strike a variety of interests or skill levels.

Plus each distribution gets a simple page with the “essentials”—we’re not keeping the most accurate records or anything—and people can jump around and explore via tags., people that for everyday use, a Linux distro is comparable to other offerings.

A goal is to supplant the many “top 10 linux distro” and “which of these linux distros are right for you” and other results in searches and actually be useful for introducing people to Linux or convincing them to switch to a free & open source operating system.

So do please share. :)

Compute Freely

I'm not a fan of comments sections, so feel free to contact me directly.

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